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Spartan recognizes that bored people make terrible learners and that to educate you must first entertain. By strategically injecting history and humor to teach and reinforce sales and negotiation principles, our instructional approach is entirely unique, memorable, engaging, and fun.

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We do training different.



Our ability to customize our clients products, competitors, and industry- specific challenges into our core curriculum is unmatched. Our workbook customization allows us to tailor our materials and content to the exact needs and objectives of our participants.



Utilizing our unique instructional approach of combining history and humor, our post-training podcasts provide participants with a fun and engaging way to review, refresh, and implement sales and negotiation principles



Sales training attendees often feel overwhelmed with too many steps and too much information. Sometimes less is more. Our approach focuses exclusively on the core competencies of selling success that are understand- able, applicable and, most importantly – executable



Our Holistic Training model delivers both immediately applicable strategies and long-term skill adoption by integrating instructor led workshops with post-training videos (VLOGS) that review and reinforce key training concepts.



Following each workshop, PHI delivers online, post-training review, reinforcement, and certification e-learning tools.



Our books, concepts and approach have been enthusiastically embraced by some of the most respected and recognized business leaders in the world including Stephen R. Covey, Brian Tracy, Larry King, and dozens of successful executives.



Most clients see a temporary spike in performance with traditional sales training companies only to see their reps sell the exact same way weeks later. Our clients don’t experience this frustration. With our post training e-learning and podcast tools, our clients achieve both immediate adoption and sustained results.

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